Japonica Spirea – sp coming soon

We managed to get quite a few of these.

Will be splitting this post when we have more pictures

var. alpina (often listed as ‘Alpina’ and ‘Nana’, probably the same as ‘Nyewoods’) – This form grows as a low, spreading groundcover to 2′ tall and several feet wide. It produces light pink blooms a few days later than other forms, and the flowers contrast well with the small, blue-green finely-textured leaves.

‘Magic Carpet’ – One of the most vibrantly colored forms, the bronzy-yellow leaves of this 2′ tall and wide mound emerge red and the plant retains red-tipped branches all season. Therefore, it appears to be in bloom at all times, even though it does produce pink true flowers. The leaves can also turn reddish before falling in autumn. In full sun, this plant offers color all season.

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