hyacinthoides non-scripta- English Bluebell

Formerly called endymion non-scriptus, and scilla nutans.

The bluebell really doesn’t need any introduction and this is the genuine english bluebell not the european variety which is taking over in the wild

This popular, hardy bulbous spring flowering plant is thought of as britain’s national flower and will become extinct if we allow the european variety to take over

Do your bit for conservation

Bluebells in flower is a sign that spring has finally arrived.

Spectacular display when grown en masse creating a dazzling display of brilliant blue.

Flower: fragrant and attractive blue-violet bell-shaped flowers stand upright when they are in bud, yet hang downwards, nodding in the breeze when they are fully open – bloom spring-early summer

Foliage: deep green narrow leaves.

Position: part shade-shaded; soil type: clay/heavy, dry, moist, well-drained/light

Height: 1 foot


All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.

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