Xerophyllum tenax – Beargrass

Xerophyllum tenax or simply Beargrass is a lovely perennial grass with tall creamy white plumes. Very rarely found here, the flowers are cherished by florists all over the world and you can dry them up and make your own wildflower arrangements. Grasses are very easy to grow and they always look perfect around ponds and water features. This particular one flowers in June/July and will grow to 3 feet tall.
Sow in Spring or Autumn: for spring sowing, presoak the seed in distilled water for 24 hours, sow on moist vermiculite with a light covering of more vermiculite, and cold stratify for 16 weeks at 3 degrees C. Alternately, plant seeds in late fall and hand sow by covering seeds with 1⁄2 inch of soil.

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