Acer Saccharum – Sugar Maple

One of the most important trees in easternsugar maple north america, the sugar maple is the source of maple syrup as well as fine hardwood.

The sugar maple is well known for it’s outstanding autumn colour, from bright yellows to orange and brilliant red, highly attractive and ornamental.

Foliage: palmate veination with blades about 5″ long and 5″ wide on 3″ petioles, casting a dense shade due to their size.

Prefers: well drained, moist, fertile soil.

Height: 60-80 feet (upright oval growth habit in youth, becoming upright and rounded with age.

Position: full sun (partial shade tolerant whilst young)

Prefers cool moist summers, in deep rich well drained soil..

It is the official state tree of vermont, new york, west virginia and wisconsin, and it’s leaf is emblazoned on the flag of canada.

Zones 3b-8 (uk zone 7)

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