Chamaecyparis Obtusa – Falsecypress

Hinoki Falsecypress


Also known as the false cypress or japanese cypress.
Hinoki is an evergreen and in the wild can grow up to 120 feet in height though it is easily pruned to desired height.

The hinoki cypress is ideal for the japanese garden and can be planted in containers or make an excellent bonsai.

Chamaecyparis can vary in form as many outstanding cultivars have been introduced though generally pyramidal or columnar with pendulous branches at the tips. With colours ranging from light green, blue green, deep dark green to yellow, so each specimen that is grown from seed is unique.

Prefers a sunny position (will tolerate some shade)

Likes to be kept moist

Moderately fast growing.

Hardy to zone 5-6 when established. Bring inside for overwintering whilst young

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