Koelreuteria paniculata – Golden rain tree

Golden rain tree is a fast growing, deciduous, spectacular specimen tree native to china and korea.goldenraintree
In spring, the hot pink leaves emerge, gradually changing hue to a rich green. Towards the end of summer, the show really begins when the 30cm panicles of golden yellow, fragrant flowers dangle from the branches.
Each individual flower is about 1.2cm across and consists of 4 starry shaped pointed petals, and as the blossoms fall, they form a romantic golden carpet beneath the tree.
As autumn approaches, fascinating lantern-like papery air filled seed pods up to 5cm long are formed, changing from translucent  lime green to reddy – bronze, complimenting the golden yellow and orange foliage perfectly. The seed pods persist right through autumn and winter.
With a nice rounded form, “golden rain tree” will eventually grow up to 30’ tall x 30’ spread, does best in full sun, rich soil with water, but is extremely adaptable to poor, compacted soil, drought, heat, wind, pollution & urban stress.
A spectacular addition to any collection, completely trouble-free, rarely bothered by pests.
Makes an excellent subject for bonsai.
Hardy throughout all uk, suitable for usda zones 5-9

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