Metasequoia glyptostroboides – Dawn redwood

Dawn redwood is a beautiful conical, hardy,fast growing deciduous conifer from central china and dawn redwoodit makes a beautiful bonsai specimen.

Dawn redwood has light green needle type leaves which turn a red-brown colour in autumn, not forgetting its colourful orange-brown bark.

The needles drop in late autumn yet return again in spring for another magnificent display of colour.

Very easy to grow and can be grown in large pots/containers.though keep well watered in the summer months. The leaves will droop when it becomes thirsty yet try not too let it reach this stage.

Fully hardy when mature, protect from frost whilst young.

Zones 3-9 hardy to 30 degrees… And colder.

Will grow approx 1-3 feet a year if given plenty of water.
They prefer full sun yet will tolerate at least half sh

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