Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese Elm, Lacebark Elm Ulmaceae

(ulmus parvifolia)
Ulmus Parvifolia
This makes an ideal bonsai and makes a good plant for beginners
to bonsai.

Beginners will enjoy working with it as it is very forgiving when pruned and has a great root sytem and it is a hardy plant.

The chinese elm has small evergreen leaves which remain on the tree year-round. They are hardy with excellent branching characteristics and has a twisted trunk and exposed roots which gives the appearance of great age.

The leaves turn yellow and most fall off in november yet return in march.

Varies from green to yellow to red.

Makes an ideal indoor plant.

can also be grown as a spectacular tree outside

Deciduous outdoors zones: 5-10

Or can be grown as an indoor evergreen

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