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Helianthemum evergreen

Helianthemum evergreen

sown 23.3.08 evergreen perennial, if germinates will live in dry borders together with thyme..
Actually, in the Autumn we planted these in the kidney shaped bed.

Ilex aquifolium 'Ferox Argentea'

Ilex aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’

This Holly was shipped for us from the Orkney Islands during the spring 2006. It is planted on the hill by the barn.

Ilex aquifolium 'Yule Glow'

Ilex aquifolium ‘Yule Glow’

2 of these were planted by the hedgerow near J and one on the hill by the barn in 2007.

Mahonia aquifolium

Mahonia aquifolium

Planted behind long dry bed 2007

primula denticulata

primula denticulata

Bought from helling, planted under oak

Primula vulgaris  Yellow Selection

Primula vulgaris Yellow Selection

Planted in bed under oak tree.