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Azalea knap-Hill-hybrid

Azalea knap-Hill-hybrid “homebush”

Azalea knap-Hill-hybrid “homebush”. Planted 9.5.08 hill by barn, bought previous year in autumn sale.

Lonicera x bella 'Zabelii'

Lonicera x bella ‘Zabelii’

Saved and planted in open forest 2008

Lythrum salicaria - Purple Loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria – Purple Loosestrife

Planted in triangle bed.

Prunus cerasus - Mustilan Morelli

Prunus cerasus – Mustilan Morelli

Saved this one in a sale. Planted at end of barn.

Rosa  'Louise Odier'

Rosa ‘Louise Odier’

M went crazy for this. We planted her on the hill near the Barn. Our first Bourbon Rose.

Rosa rubrifolia

Rosa rubrifolia

Saved from the sales, we planted this one yesterday at the back of the large dry bed.

Sedum  'Autumn Joy' - Showy Stonecrop

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ – Showy Stonecrop

Planted in large dry bed