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Astilbe diamant

Astilbe diamant

Astilbe diamant – False Goats Beard. Planted in heart shape bed.

Centranthus ruber 'Snowcloud'

Centranthus ruber ‘Snowcloud’

aka Jupiter’s Beard, Keys to Heaven. Sown 12.3.08, for the boxes as well as the meadow..
Update: planted in white bed.

Clematis  'Summer Snow' aka Paul Farges

Clematis ‘Summer Snow’ aka Paul Farges

Bought for M as a present in 2005. Planted on Apple tree that is dying.

Clematis montana 'Wilsonii'

Clematis montana ‘Wilsonii’

Bought from a sale on M’s Birthday…
Planted on Pyramid in 2005

Update 208: added to site

Hymenocallis festalis

Hymenocallis festalis

Hymenocallis festalis

Iris x hollandica

Iris x hollandica

50 of these, in purple, violet, orange and white just went into the kidney shaped bed!

Magnolia sieboldii - Oyama Magnolia

Magnolia sieboldii – Oyama Magnolia

Planted in heart shape bed 2007.